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br3nda ([personal profile] br3nda) wrote2011-01-14 09:06 am

things that are good

1) i have coffee. i made it. it's pretty good.
2) I have music -- but not just that, i'm playing it over wireless bluetooth. tech from circa 2003 but it's still good.
3) there's a bug in android. When i press the "next" music track button on my headphones, it continues playing the current song, but also starts the next song. If i press Next again, it's now playing 3 songs. 4.. 5... This is pretty cool i think, as far as bugs go.
4) It's sunny and beautiful outside. and the airon is keeping up inside. And i intend to go outside at lunch time, this is because i'm keeping up with work.
5) i'm keeping up with work. mostly.
6) there's a cross eyed child's photo on the front cover of the spec for the project i'm working on. I really like this too.