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br3nda ([personal profile] br3nda) wrote2009-07-26 04:54 pm

there be women here?

I'm intrigued by Dreamwidth, thanks to skud's keynote speech at OSCON.

This is a normal sort of open source project. I’ll give you a minute to spot the women in the picture. Sorry, make that woman. She’s on the right. Can you see her? This is normal for open source.

I'm involved in a couple dozen projects (see my ohloh profile). in all but one i'd be the only women actively contributing

The project with lots of women: Drupal. What's lots? 10%. That's abnormally high. And the Drupal project a huge amount of fun too! I can't imagine one of those couch-db/rails style talks happening at a Drupalcon without being shut down immediately.

Another community of open sourcey women is linuxchix - i especially like the irc channel, partially becuase of one little attribute: It's normal to assume someone in the linuxchix irc channels is female.

Everywhere else (freenode, oftc, it's the opposite.


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