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Passive consumers, get outta my way.

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i don't have any problem with people who only want to know "press this button, it will do xyz", step on the accelerator and the car goes fast..... people who don't want to know how things work are welcome to continue their merry and ignorant* existence.

when those people feel they need to rant about how their way of using tech is better... that's annoying

but way beyond annoyance, is the few who claim we need to legislate to protect corporations from those evil tinkerers in our communities who do bad things, like reverse engineer something - or jail break their iphone - or inspect the bits and bytes in a file format.

The defence of the rights of companies to sell use some hardware and then restrict how we use is, I find that position abhorent.

By all means, live in your world of the appliance -- of not understanding how a toaster gets hot and makes your bread crispy - but don't outlaw people who do want to understand ohms law, change the input to their software - to people who want to be more than "consumers". I want to participate, i want to create - I AM NOT A PASSIVE CONSUMER, AND I'M PROUD OF IT.

* is there a more positive word than ignorant i could use???