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br3nda ([personal profile] br3nda) wrote2011-01-17 09:38 am

heh. realestate agents

three real estate agents from three different places rang us last night.

each one said "do you have an offer! be quick! someone else is just about to buy it! it'll probably be sold by tomorrow"

of course. that's a freaky conincidence that all three places, which have been for sale for more than 6 months, have all suddenly got an offer coming tommorrow. All without any changes like banks easing lending criteria or anything.

I think we'll file that under standard real estate trickery.
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[personal profile] danni 2011-01-16 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
It was a Sunday. It's possible they took people through who put in an offer. In Australia at least, they can't tell you the value or terms of an offer, but they can tell you if an offer has been made.

In my experience, while they might pressure you to put in an offer because someone else _might_ do so, they will only say another offer has been put in if that is the case. The difference is subtle, but it makes what they say not a lie.
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For real estate? :-P

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Mmm yes in Australia at least they tend to talk up how very very interested the other party was and how good their finances sounded and how very very soon they think the vendor would agree to sell to that other person rather than lie and say they got an offer when they didn't.

That said, if Brenda had got one such phone call it would be more plausible there was a real offer there. Three does rather sound like it might be a standard porkie in her area.